Author: David

The First Year Of Our Garden

In the first year of our garden, we grew all sorts of herbs, which we use weekly in our both our Lunch and Evening menus. We also grew Rhubarb for our desserts and blini’s and beetroot for our beetroot & potato gratin. Next year we are going to be more adventurous.

Coddle Cook-Off Winners 2015

“It’s like Marmite,” said one of the judges, “people either love it or hate it.” Coddle, that is. Rare ould Dublin coddle. And the judges in question – myself, food and wine writer Leslie Williams and Sunday Business Post editor Gillian Nelis – had been called upon to adjudicate at what was surely a rare ould Dublin event: a Coddle Cook Off. For those who don’t yet know enough about the dish to either love or hate it, coddle is a one-pot, throw-it-together wonder. Sausages, rashers, onions and spuds, left to simmer together on the stove for hours of a…